My Hairstylist Must Haves

Hey friends! I hope everyone is having a killer week! This week has been fantastic and is finally slowing down for me. Too be honest these last two weeks have been so crazy for me trying to launch my new YouTube  and I couldn't be happier things are moving in a much slower pace. I'm loving having my own channel and providing some fun and different content for you guys. Today I got a mic in the mail so my new "micro" videos like the one shown above will sound a lot better. I'm really looking forward to trying it out this weekend. Be on the look out for those videos.

Speaking of the new hair tutorials….how are you guys liking these "micro" hair videos? I just wanted to throw these in the mix of my more "produced" videos so that I can get in depth about certain products, hair questions from my viewers and tools that I'm loving lately. So feedback is appreciated as this is so new for me!

OK, OK, Ill stop my rambling and introduce today's video. The above video is part of my "Ask Jenny" hair question series. I always get emails about whats in my kit, so I decided to do a post on some of my hairstylist must have tools. Though, unfortunately a couple of nights before I filmed this, my suitcase of tools got stolen from my car so luckily I had some of my most treasured items inside my house like my Hattori Hanzo shears and hot tools curling iron. Phew, because I would have really been heart broken if they would have gotten my shears!

So make sure to watch my above video and if you love it, give it a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE to my brand spanking new YouTube channel. Oh, and if you are loving any of these products…follow the links below.

Hattori Hanzo Shears
The Wet Brush
Hardcore Cutting Comb
Pin Curl Clips
Duckbill Clips
Hot Tools Curling Irons