Last Chance to Win!

If you've been following me for the last year, you know I've worked really hard on growing my brand and my YouTube Channel. If you haven't caught wind of whats going on, Ill tell you. I've launched my own YouTube channel. I have no idea or clue where I'm going with it all! But, I do know that I enjoy doing hair and inspiring others.

 My new channel has been live for going on two weeks now, and its been really difficult reaching my past audience. Dani over at Sometimes Sweet is helping my launch a huge giveaway to help get the word out on my new endeavor. Thursday morning the giveaway ends, so make sure you get in before its too late.

  So, this is basically my shameless plea for all of my friends and fans to support me by either subscribing themselves,  sharing my channel with a family member or friend who might be interested in viewing. With your help I can get the word out on who I am, and about my new channel. So if you want to support me, watch the above video and head over to Sometimes Sweet today to enter to win BIG!!