October Featured Artist: Lala by Melanie Lea

I'm sure many of you already know Lala from @lalasupdos, but in case you don't let me introduce you!

Lala came to the US from Romania 10 years ago and has worked hard since then to build a name for herself here. We met when we were both invited to do a Butterfly Circus event in Los Angeles a few years ago, and since then she has become a great friend of mine.

We're both moms to little girls who we always want to feel empowered and confident, and I just love her so much! Lala is so kind and sweet and I can't wait for you to see more of her exclusive interview with me and her tutorial on the Confessions app.

So if you haven't already, make sure to download the app under "Confessions of a Hairstylist" available for Google Play and iTunes 🙌🏻 

My Must Have Products (September Edition) by Melanie Lea

September Must Haves.jpg

Did you guys see that I started featuring my favorite products and tools each month? Well I'm back this month with even more exciting products to share.

01. Foil/Balayage Board + Paddle Set by Framar

This paddle set helps you foil and balayage so easily and is a great tool to have for coloring. These paddles are textured so the hair doesn't slide off and you get a more even color. Plus the set comes with a longer and shorter version so you have options depending on how much hair you're working with. 

02. The Unicorn Braid Box by Society Extensions

It's no secret how much I love all the Braid Box products! This month I wanted to tell you about their Unicorn Box. Just like last month's Mermaid Box, the Unicorn Box comes to you ready with everything you need to create fun, beautiful braids: 8 colorful, lace-backed hair extensions made with real hair, 60 bobby pins, clear elastics and a tail comb. Check out #thebraidbox hashtag for tons of inspiration 😍

03. Society Extensions Tape-ins

Okay if I'm going to tell you 2 months in a row about how awesome the Braid Boxes are, I better mention the company that created them (Society Extensions) and their tape-in extensions! I love their tape-ins not only because they're top quality and cause the least amount of damage, but you guys - they even come pre-taped in 1 or 3 different tapes depending on what climate you live in! 


My obsession with Hanzo continues! This month I wanted to tell you about Hanzo's Mamba Texturizer. This shear is top notch and gives you a soft result. It takes out roughly 40% of hair and of course you get their lifetime warranty and standard payment plan option too 🙌🏾


ADH Dry is the real deal when it comes to styling wax, and a little bit goes a long way! This cream gives your hair texture without weighing it down, keeps it in place with a natural, matte finish and it washes out with ease. You'll go crazy over the smell, plus Andrew (the guy behind the product line) is hilarious.


September Featured Artist: Gerard Scarpaci of Hairbrained by Melanie Lea

Guys, if you don't already know Gerard Scarpaci - allow me to introduce you to this highly respected artist in the industry. He's co-founder of Hairbrained.com (alongside Randy Tayler) and is an all around cool guy. Gerard is a friend and someone I really look up to.

I asked Gerard to be featured on my app (found here on iTunes and here on Google Play) because of his skill and his incredible educational teaching skills. Gerard has added so much value to the industry. He effortlessly elevates it with his quality work.

You can find Gerard on insta, Hairbrained insta and be sure to download the Confessions educational hair app to see the full interview with Gerard!

Top 10 Knotted Tutorials Round Up by Melanie Lea

knotted tutorial round up.jpg

I've loved getting to share so many tutorials with you all over the years and I thought it'd be fun to start doing round ups of some of my favorites!

Today I wanted to share my top 10 tutorials on creating upstyles incorporating an easy knotting technique. Knots make any hair style look intricate but are deceptively simple to pull off.

Take a look at the videos below and let me know what you think! For these styles and more be sure to check out my Youtube channels here and here.

My Must Have Products (August Edition) by Melanie Lea

August Must Haves.jpg

You guys! I'm so excited to share these products that I'm absolutely obsessed with. I can't wait to tell you more about them!

First up, The Talon - a top-selling shear by Hattori Hanzo. Both popular and versatile, these shears feature a comfortable finger rest, amazing tension control, and not to mention - they come with a lifetime warranty. I love this brand so much that I even included them in my must have round up from 3 years ago (check it out around the 3:00 minute mark).

One last thing to note about Hanzo: I love that they work with your budget too. Right now they have all sorts of promotions such as payment plans, a multi-shear discount, 10% off if you pay in full and even extra savings if you trade in your shears.

Up next, Brazilian Bond Builder (aka B3)! If you’ve been hanging around my insta at all then you already know I use this product like crazy! It’s my not-so-secret additive to slay the perfect blonde look. Just throw it into your mix to keep the hair healthy and happy.

Check out their full line here and make sure to watch my interview with B3 here.

Okay I’m so excited about this next tool: combs by Cruxe. Cruxe is a new line of tools created by my friend, Drew. His combs are super durable, heat resistant and easy to clean and you have to check out how beautiful Cruxe’s instagram feed is.

Cruxe also offers a super beautiful essentials kit and I can’t wait to see what else is coming up for them on the horizon!

The Mermaid Box from Society Extensions - This is my favorite way to add a fun pop of unicorn color - without any damage but all the fun and whimsy (you know how much I love my fun and whimsy).

The Mermaid Box includes everything you need to start creating beautiful braids and updos immediately, including colorful, lace-backed hair extensions made with real hair, 60 bobby pins, clear elastics and a tail comb.

Society Extensions actually has 4 different Braid Box kits available: Stardust (metallics), Barely Blushing (beautiful pinks), Mermaid + Unicorn! Check out some styles I’ve created with them below, and check out this tutorial I made using the Braid Box here (also featuring Cruxe combs from above 🙌🏾 )

Last but not least is Kenra’s Shaping Hairspray. This spray is the FIRST alcohol-free spray on the market so it really keeps moisture in the hair to help maintain it’s health and integrity. It also offers a tight hold and maximum shine that finishes off any look.

Have you tried any of these tools or products? Is there anything you're obsessing about right now? Let me know in the comments!

Ammon Carver App Feature by Jenny Strebe

A lot of people ask me where I get inspiration from to take the risks that I do, and its simple...I try to create content or projects based on what I feel like the beauty industry is lacking. If you checked out my Hair App post that you can find HERE you probably gathered that I launched my own educational hair app. Yup, and it wasn't easy but I couldn't be more stoked on it. I created it because I felt that there was a gap inside of digital hairstylist education so I invested my savings and simply went for it. 

The app is loaded with full length step by step tutorials from up styles, braids and haircutting.  But the best part of the app in my opinion, is that I feature a fellow hairstylist that is doing incredible thing in my industry and I want to help celebrate their craft. A few months ago I got to feature my dear friend Ammon Carver check him out HERE. He has turned into such a wonderful friend over the past coupe of years and I was honored that he was willing to share his passion with you all on my hair app. Below is a sneak peak into his exclusive interview and get this....he created a beautiful pony tutorial for you guys inside my educational app. Watch his video below and if you want to see more, make sure to download my app for 9.99 a month to get my education along with some go getters at your finger tips 24/7. You can find it HERE for iTunes and HERE for Google Play. 

Isn't Ammon the cutest? Make sure to check him out and download my app for more of Ammon and other amazing hairstylist. 

Pai-Shau New Luxury Hair Care Line Alert! by Jenny Strebe

You guys are fully aware that I love me some new products. Im the one that has to be in the know of anything that is up and coming beauty related. So when I kept on hearing about a new luxury hair care line called Pai-Shau, I knew I had to try it.

The big reason I rushed to give this new hair care line a shot is because it was different. Its not your typical line. Its infused with Tea. Yes, like tea you drink! They had me at Tea, and so my curiosity made me give it a shot. 

The fragrance is strong yet sexy. It almost has a masculine smell to it, but my clients and I were quickly drawn to the smell. The line has a full range of products that make your hair soft, shiny and silky but the winner so far for me is their Bi-phasic infusion oil which a rejuvenating concentrate of their signature tea complex. It makes the hair extremely soft, silky and most importantly shiney.

For any of my luxury hair care lovers, Pai-Shau is a must try! You can find it online or your local Pai-Shau distribution which you can find on their website HERE and let me know what you think! 


Vivid Color Melt by Hair God Zito by Jenny Strebe

Its no secret that vivid hair color is a big hit this year, I got to collab with Rickey Zito of Hair God Zito to bring you this amazing vivid color melt while on a trip in California. The key to most vivid colors is that you have to really focus on blending your color melts. You can easily do this by stroking the color lines with your glove. To watch it in action make sure to watch the below how-to by Hair God Zito himself. Enjoy!