Ammon Carver App Feature by Jenny Strebe

A lot of people ask me where I get inspiration from to take the risks that I do, and its simple...I try to create content or projects based on what I feel like the beauty industry is lacking. If you checked out my Hair App post that you can find HERE you probably gathered that I launched my own educational hair app. Yup, and it wasn't easy but I couldn't be more stoked on it. I created it because I felt that there was a gap inside of digital hairstylist education so I invested my savings and simply went for it. 

The app is loaded with full length step by step tutorials from up styles, braids and haircutting.  But the best part of the app in my opinion, is that I feature a fellow hairstylist that is doing incredible thing in my industry and I want to help celebrate their craft. A few months ago I got to feature my dear friend Ammon Carver check him out HERE. He has turned into such a wonderful friend over the past coupe of years and I was honored that he was willing to share his passion with you all on my hair app. Below is a sneak peak into his exclusive interview and get this....he created a beautiful pony tutorial for you guys inside my educational app. Watch his video below and if you want to see more, make sure to download my app for 9.99 a month to get my education along with some go getters at your finger tips 24/7. You can find it HERE for iTunes and HERE for Google Play. 

Isn't Ammon the cutest? Make sure to check him out and download my app for more of Ammon and other amazing hairstylist. 

Pai-Shau New Luxury Hair Care Line Alert! by Jenny Strebe

You guys are fully aware that I love me some new products. Im the one that has to be in the know of anything that is up and coming beauty related. So when I kept on hearing about a new luxury hair care line called Pai-Shau, I knew I had to try it.

The big reason I rushed to give this new hair care line a shot is because it was different. Its not your typical line. Its infused with Tea. Yes, like tea you drink! They had me at Tea, and so my curiosity made me give it a shot. 

The fragrance is strong yet sexy. It almost has a masculine smell to it, but my clients and I were quickly drawn to the smell. The line has a full range of products that make your hair soft, shiny and silky but the winner so far for me is their Bi-phasic infusion oil which a rejuvenating concentrate of their signature tea complex. It makes the hair extremely soft, silky and most importantly shiney.

For any of my luxury hair care lovers, Pai-Shau is a must try! You can find it online or your local Pai-Shau distribution which you can find on their website HERE and let me know what you think! 


Vivid Color Melt by Hair God Zito by Jenny Strebe

Its no secret that vivid hair color is a big hit this year, I got to collab with Rickey Zito of Hair God Zito to bring you this amazing vivid color melt while on a trip in California. The key to most vivid colors is that you have to really focus on blending your color melts. You can easily do this by stroking the color lines with your glove. To watch it in action make sure to watch the below how-to by Hair God Zito himself. Enjoy! 

ghd Platinum Copper Luxe by Jenny Strebe

Holiday goers I have the perfect present for you! I recently was gifted the ghd platinum copper luxe flat iron and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. Not only is ghd top of the line quality for flat irons, this special edition platinum copper lux iron is beyond cool with its bronze metallic theme. And get this, if even comes with nail polishes that match can we say wowza! 

With being a hairstylist, its always important to use the best top of the line products, this iron helps you smooth and eliminate frizz with its patented tri-zone technology. The temp goes up to 365 degrees ferenheight which allows you to create sleek hair or waves in seconds. 

To turn it on you have a state of the art button and it literally heats up in seconds. I will defiantly be gifting the ghd to my family members this holiday season, and if you are looking for a gift idea, I highly recommend making any of your friends or family happy with gifting one of these bad boys. 

Confessions of a Hairstylist Educational App by Jenny Strebe

I couldn't be more proud to announce that I have created a Confessions of a Hairstylist educational app. The “Confessions” app was created to provide industry-leading content in a convenient and accessible way, delivering incredible value to subscribers that will further their skill set and ultimately help subscribers earn more money and grow their business. The app will also feature a new stylist each month to talk about real industry matters, fostering a community for stylists by tackling topics and issues that aren’t often discussed in the hair industry. 

The objective behind the app is to provide stylists with affordable ongoing education. Although Jenny already features tutorials on her popular YouTube channel, the app will provide a more concentrated and intense educational experience. Each month there will be highlighted stylists such as Philip Wolf, Chief Behr, Nina Kovner, Linh Pham and Ammon Carver lined up to contribute their tips and tricks on achieving success in the hair industry.

The app will be available for $9.99/month in the Apple and Google Play stores. Available worldwide with English language support. 

Special thanks to our amazing app sponsors Pai-Shau , Kenra Professional, Brazilian Bond Builder and Framar

if you would like further information on the Confessions of a hairstylist app, or if you would like to schedule an interview, please contact: 


Asymmetric Haircut using Saki Shears by Jenny Strebe

You guys have been asking me for more hair cutting tutorials, so here you go, todays hair tutorial is on an easy asymmetrical haircut! This ultra funky hair cut is incredibly easy and is always my go to for soft, yet edgy asymmetric layers.

Now anytime you are creating an amazing hair cut, its important to start off with great shears. I must say I am loving my brand new black on black Saki Katana Japanese hairdressing scissors that you can find HERE I have to confess........what attracted me to these shears first off is that they are completly black, I love the extra long crane shaped handle and most importantly that they are made out of authentic japanese stainless steel. Sounds perfect right? Because they are! 

You'll have to watch my tutorial below to see these shears in action while I create this fun Asymmetric hair cut. Enjoy and dont for get to check Saki Shears out HERE and subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE. 

5 minute Hairstyles Tutorial Book by Jenny Strebe

Just in time for the holidays my Third tutorial book this year is out. You can purchase it through several retailers but if you purchase it through my website I will sign each copy. Perfect for the beauty guru who wants easy step by step tutorials each morning while getting ready. Purchase this book HERE or in the Hairstyling books section on top for all 3 of my books. 

Whether you’re heading to work, a party, or a date, my third book I created is perfect for you! This book features fifty pretty styles in a handy pocket-sized guide, 5-Minute Hairstyles includes classic and modern styles to match every look, including a retro bouffant ponytail, stacked side braid, and the perfect messy bun.

A must for busy women everywhere, 5-Minute Hairstyles makes changing your look simple and fun, with easy-to-follow instructions, gorgeous step-by-step photographs, and handy timesaving tips and tricks from the professionals. With plenty of options for all hair types and lengths, it has never been so easy to look fabulous in five minutes!

A huge thanks to all of my amazing models that were a part of this, my photographer and friend Sara Bishop and my ghost writer Cheyenne Folkert. 

Instagram Hair Roundup by Jenny Strebe

Hey friends, every month Im going to round up some of my favorites that I have posted on my hair instagram account under @theconfessionsofhairstylist This month for me was and I guess has always been about soft, romantic tendrils. I tend to gravitate towards hairstyles that look like they are softly pinned up versus a style that was forced with tons of spray. Enjoy! 

Curly Faux Hawk by Jenny Strebe

Curly faux hawk hair how to is on todays menu! Woot! I have gotten several requests for hair inspiration for shorter hair and today is the day I am answering all of your faux hair short hair dreams. 

Todays tutorial is not only edgy, its simple, easy and will literally take you 10-15minutes of your time. All you need is a curly iron and some basic products while you watch a long and you will be a master in no time. Enjoy.