More Than Wedding Hair

Photo Credits Mike Olbinski

This is what doing hair is all about. As I packed my suitcase of hair tools and left the site of this gorgeous couples wedding location, I started to get a tad sentimental. Being a hairstylist isn't just about doing hair, its about building relationships.

This wedding that I did hair for, photos by photographer Mike Olbinski meant a lot to me. The gorgeous bride above is my client Alyssa, and I've been doing her hair since she was in middle school. She was 13 at the time and I was 19. She seemed so young at the time, but now she's married and I'm married and the age gap that once was there, doesn't seem as large.

See, I've been doing her hair and her sisters hair since they were practically children. They have witnessed me changed and mold into the person I am today, as I have watched them grow into lovely young ladies. We have built a wonderful relationship that is more than just a typical hairstylist. These girls are my friends, and in some weird way they feel like a distant relative of some sort. I've spent more time with these ladies due to their 2-3 hour appointments every 8 weeks than my family that lives in Washington.

Hairdressing is not only extremely creative, but I find its fulfilling in an emotional way. I get to meet so many inspiring women with different stories, backgrounds and cultures. We bond, we laugh, we cry.  I learned so much about myself throughout these experiences it is what really helps me define who I am. Crazy I know!

As I look at Alyssa's gorgeous wedding pictures, it forces me to reflect on how she as well as my other clients have given me much more than helping me pay the bills but they have given me friendship that goes way beyond hairstyling.

Congratulations Alyssa. And I want to thank each and everyone of my clients, because truly if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be who I am today. You all listen to me just as much as I listen to you. You encourage me, believe in me just as much as I do you. And I love you all.

And Alyssa, I've always said that when you have kids, I feel old. So please wait a few years. he he love you!