Miracle Product... What!??

If a product could be my new best friend, then I would welcome Initialiste by Keratase with open arms. The other day, my wonderful product rep brought this little gold bottle of pure genius into the salon for me and the salon owner to try. It's their brand spanking new product that they just released that is literally life changing. 

It's a skin care inspired miracle super serum that works on four attributes of the hair. It helps restore the hairs strength, shine, softness and substance. Keratase claims that it takes 7 days to see and feel noticeable results, but maybe it's just me and my fine textured hair, but I saw a difference in one use. And no, I'm not being dramatic.

This product is unlike any other product I have ever used. You apply at the roots, and for fine textured hair, Keratase recommends using at least 3 times a week with applying 2-3 pipettes. This products helps your hair stay healthier from your roots to your ends, while allowing it to grow longer with less breakage. WHAT?? This is exactly what I need!! Especially since I was bleaching my hair for so long and now growing my hair back out from cutting it on a whim.

Not only does my hair feel healthier, it feels softer, sexier, stronger without feeling like it's weighted down. To be honest, I don't have the words to explain this product properly because like I said...it's unlike any product I've ever used. It literally feels like I have no product in my hair, but it is noticeably softer and stronger.

Now, this mega miracle product is expensive, it retails for $60 but well worth the high price. Especially if it will help me grow out my locks to be noticeably healthier and stronger. It's only been 2 weeks but I'm willing to bet money on that my hair will be completely transformed in a month or two. Love, love, love, addicted, addicted, addicted!!