Above pic is of Kez at mylittlerunawayblog.blogspot.com who did my Low Rolled Updo.

Pic above is of Layla who did my Low Rolled Updo

Above pic is Kaity from Undertheoaktreeblog.com who replicated my Taylor Swift Grammy Hair

What I do, makes it all worth it when lovely viewers like above, replicate and share my styles that I have shared with the world. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to see so many beautiful women get inspired by my simple tricks of the trade. I'm almost thinking that it would be rad to do a contest for my followers,on who replicates a tutorial the best. What do you guys think? Who doesn't love a good hearted competition? I know I'm a sucker for competing. 

Thanks again ladies for sharing, and if my week couldn't get any cooler, I want to thank Latest-hairstyles.com for including my blog in the 12 best places to find hair tutorials. I can't believe I made the cut! Thank you so much, I literally am over the moon about this fun news. And, I want to add that I'm probably driving my husband crazy this week, because I can't shut up about all this flattery. Wanna read about the 12 best places to find hair tutorials? Check out Latest Hairstyles and get inspired! And thanks again to Latest Hairstyles and my lovely viewers above.