Frizzy Underneath hair

33 weeks pregnant and I'm officially done with filming my hair tutorials for now. Now, that doesn't mean I won't be releasing awesome hair tutorials every week, just means that I'll be teasing you with more sneaky peaky photos and everyone will have to patiently wait for the tutorials to be released. I've filmed enough to get me through my maternity leave and I cannot wait to share some fun hair how tos with everyone.

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Now don't worry, as you are patiently waiting each and every week, I'll still be answering your questions each and every week. This weeks "Ask Jenny," post is from a viewer who goes by the name of Gyps. This is what Gyps wrote in: 

Jenny, I'm having an issue with my hair. It's about 4 inches past my shoulders (hasn't been dyed in almost a year) and I feel like whenever I get it around this length the underside gets really frizzy while the top is nice and sleek. Weird! I alternate using Macadamia Natural Oil Heating Treatment and Orofluido Beauty Elixer before I blow dry. Is there anything you suggest I try?-Gyps

Gyps, thanks so much for your question!! Now,we have to get to the bottom of why your hair is frizzier underneath then the top. Could it be due to breakage? Or is it just naturally frizzier?

 Do you think it could be frizzy from damage due to over usage of hot tools? If so, start with a good heat protect. I like Nectar Thermique by Keratase. If it's extremely damaged go for Fibre Architecte by Keratase which helps repair your hair while it protects you locks.

Is your hair naturally coarser or frizzier underneath? If that's the case, I'd say stick with a silkening product to help smooth your frizz before you blow dry. There are a couple of products I'd recommend such as TIGI S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer/Defrizzer/Tamer, 6.76 Ounceor Elixir Ultime by Keratase.

I've never personally worked with the products you are using, but if they are professional grade and not working I'd say its time to switch it up. I'd say try to figure out if it's damage or just plain frizz underneath and play around with the products that I recommend. I really hope this helps. Keep me updated on your diagnosis.

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