Curling Iron Size

I hope every one's week is starting off to be a killer one. Mine has been fantastic so far. Just wrapped up my daughters birthday, and looking forward to seeing my lovely clients this week. Today's "Ask Jenny" post is from a viewer named Krystal. I could have just emailed her the answer since its such a short one, but I felt like I wanted to elaborate on it and plus I have a confession of my own.  Here's what Krystal wrote in:

"Jenny, In your beach wave tutorial is that a 1 1/2 inch curling iron or bigger? I need a bigger one anyway but don't want to get something bigger than in that video?" -Krystal

Thanks so much for your question Krystal. I actually used a 1  3/4 inch for a lot of different reasons. Main reason is because it was my very first video tutorial and I wanted it to be fast. Yup, I said it!! I was so dang nervous that I used a large one to get through the video faster. That's my confession. Did it turn out awesome? Yes, but I usually use a 1  1/4inch or a 1 inch on a daily basis. Obviously the smaller the iron the smaller the curl will be. 

Now, even though my Beach Wave Tutorial turned out great, you can make it more "beachy" if you hair is longer because the curl will drop or if your hair is my length or you can use a smaller one. Below is a picture of how I curl my hair doing the same technique,  just with a 1 inch curling iron instead of a 1 3/4inch. Plus, I added an extra photo of my 26 week baby bump that I took last week, and yes... I used the 1 inch iron in my baby bump photo as well. Enjoy!!