Hair Care For Health Nuts

This video is for all you crazy health nuts out there. Believe me, I'm with all of you guys. Under all this Keratase hair products and Mac makeup, there is a Jenny that eats, lives and loves anything to do with healthy wholesome living. So naturally I was excited to come across this "at home" hair care remedy and even more excited that it actually worked!!! Since I'm such a health nut, I already had Coconut Oil in my cupboard at home, and ready to go. Coconut Oil is soooo good for your body as well as your hair. And I have to add, its even fantastic for cooking. The other day I used Coconut Oil instead of butter in a delicious batch of apple spice cupcakes and it turning out AMAZING!!

 So, if you are into natural hair care remedies and living a healthy lifestyle, make sure to watch the above video if you haven't already to get the "how to" on this natural hair care remedy that you will just LOVE!! And, check out my baby bump!! 

Also, I want to thank my awesome model Jennifer, who actually has been my client for years and has a fun DIY blog called  Like Hearted that you HAVE to check out.

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Will you try this treatment at home???