Magnolia's 2nd Birthday

Phew.....that's all I can say. I know this post isn't entirely about hair, but luckily its my blog so I can really do what I want. I've been working my hiney off for my daughters second birthday, and even though I'm sad that it's over and done, I'm a bit relieved. I've been incredibly busy the last few months, and mama needs a break before my son arrives in May.

On Saturday I had a client that was telling me about a pinterest article she had just read, it was stating that women feel the desire to really push the limits with being crafty due to pinterest. I guess you can say I too am a product of the "pinterest effect." Yup, that is so me and I had a total pinboard going for my daughters party. Did it turn out as good as I wanted to? No, because of dang pinterest and all the awesome info and ideas on the web. But it did turn out great and we all had a great time! So I call it a total success!! And at least I can say I actually do things that I pin. ;) 

So, today with my pinterest ramble, I got to thinking.....I cannot tell you how many women I've been seeing around town, getting creative with their hair. This is something very new. I've been doing hair for 12 years now, and a few years ago, you would see an occasional good updo or a fun pony, but that's basically it. I feel that pinterest has really changed the beauty industry as well. I say this because check out how many awesome tutorials there are out on the web, and because of pinterest, we all get to share and repin away. I like to think that some of my tutorials have helped some women out there. 

Any way...enough of my rambling, just wanted to share my pics from my gorgeous daughters second birthday. And thank you Pinterest for putting the pressure on us women to be crafters, fashionistas, beauty experts and hair gurus. Am the only one that feels this way??

And speaking of pinterest.....HERES THE LINK to my pinterest if you are interested in following. Also, be sure to check back this week, as I have two awesome hair tutorials I will be releasing. One on my YouTube Channel (which if you haven't already you need to subscribe to) and another step by step I did for Latest Both will be pinterest worthy so please help a sister out and pin away. xo