Ask Jenny About Your Face Shape

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a killer week so far. I'm so excited about this week and things to come and I can't wait to fill everyone in on whats happening. But for now, its my "Ask Jenny," post. This question is one I get a lot. Everyone is usually curious about there face shape and this lovely viewer named Ashely wrote in questioning hers. 

"Hi Jenny! I was wondering if you could tell me my face shape? I can't seem to figure it out because I can't objectively categorize my own face. I was also wondering if you could give me some good hairstyles that will work with my shape. I would like to keep my hair long if possible." -Ashley

Ashley, you are a gorgeous girl and I LOVE your hair color. I'd say your face shape is a square face shape and I recently did a post on the Square Face that you should definitely check out. Now with that, the square face has a wide, angular jawline and for head. The lines of this face are very straight and angular. Your ultimate goal is to make your hair more oval looking, so you want to make sure you cut your hair in a way that will balance the face out and make it appear to be more oval.

Sounds like you don't want to cut your length and my dear you are in luck because medium lengths will work out beautifully for this face shape as long as you keep the layers lite and wispy. Since your jawline is predominate you don't want to add any harsh lines, so have your hairdresser add long wispy layers that create bounce and movement. Another great look for this face shape is a lovely side swept fringe. This will create softness across the face.

You want to avoid cuts that have harsh angles or lines in it like blunt bangs, blunt bobs or chin length cuts. Remember, you want to create softness to the face not bring out the squareness of your face shape.

Since you want to keep your length, you have tons of options just as long as the layers are soft. Ask your stylist to texturize your hair to create movement and soften any harsh cut lines. I'd personally recommend you bringing up your soft wispy face framing layers a few inches below the cheeks and above the jawline for some movement. I'd also recommend adding more seamless layers throughout the hair with textured ends. Style it with a soft round brush look going away from the face to create softness or wave it out with a large 1 1/2 barrel curling iron. Below are a few pics that I think would look amazing on you!!