Amazing Photoshoot

I have to share some of these behind the scenes photos from yesterday's shoot. Micheal Kailas with Kailas Photography was in town from New York and asked me to get involved in this amazing shoot yesterday. It was the ultimate team with his sister Alexis Kailas on styling who interns for Teen Vogue, Tayler Ball with Agency Arizona, I was on hair and the awesome Lorri Mitchell rocked the makeup. Not only did we have a stellar team, Micheal aka Kailas found the coolest set for us, up in Canyon Lake. The model was breathtaking as well as our view. I love my job!!

Below is a picture of the hair inspiration. We added soft waves to her hair and hair chalked her ends with a purple color for a two toned effect. It was HOT!

Here's a pic of Lorri Mitchell rocking her makeup skills.

The adorabe Tayler. Shes so sweet and a pleasure to work with.

Here's around the area Kailas worked his magic.

Below is a sneak peak.

These photo's will go into a magazine. Will share when they are printed. Happy Monday!!