Messy Side Braid

I haven't been getting on pinterest as much as I used to, but of course I occasionally get my fix and get addicted for an  hour or so. It's sooo easy to do! While casually browsing I came across a few hairstyle pics that were trending that I just love and anyone can do. So this weeks pic of the week is a messy side braid. 

I chose three different looks for this one because I wanted to show, how you could easy dress up this look like Amanda Seyfried did below or make it sexy casual as Elizabeth Olsen and Diane Kruger did. Read my step by steps below and I promise you too can achieve this look. 

Always start with dry hair for this look. If your hair is damp or wet, it won't achieve the texture and volume you need for it.

  • Start by adding texture and waves to the hair using a 1inch curling iron. Wrap hair around your iron for the soft beach texture using 1-2inch sections at a time and use a medium hold hair spray for hold.
  • Lightly back comb the hair for texture and lift.
  • Pull hair to desired side and start a braid. Feel free to do a fishtail or a regular braid for this look.
  • Stop braiding your hair halfway down the hair.
  • You know want to massage the hair out of the braid. I like to take my index finger and thumb, and use a lot of pressure to loosen up the hair out of the braid. 
  • Then pull out any hair around the face to add the extra messy feel and sauciness around the face.
  • Hair spray to finish.
Note: It's important when pull hair out of braid to not make it look perfect. This gives it the unruly texture to it.

Have you been jumping on this trend?