New Hair Color!!

After 14 weeks of not coloring my hair due to pregnancy, I finally got it done. Halluleigh!! Now, I've been wanting a drastic change but since my peroxide blond locks are on the dryer side and I have no pigment in my hair what so ever, I decided to go gradual with changing my hair color.  My ultimate goal is to get my color to a honey, or a lite Carmel blonde tone all over.

The person for the job was Veronica Peebles owner at Salon Stylush in Scottsdale, AZ. If you have blonde hair, she is a go to gal for sure! Veronica has been one of closest friends for ages, and I see her all the time, so we had been coming up with a good game plan for my hair for awhile now. Us women are so impatient sometimes, when we get an idea in our head, we want it done right now and then. Luckily Veronica and I can talk shop and realize I need to have reasonable expectations when going platinum to a dark blonde.

I can't tell you how many women try darkening their hair, and it turns out to look drab. I did not want to be one of those women, so Veronica and I decided we would gradually starting going darker for winter. And I'm glad we did, because I am loving my color! Its hard to tell what she exactly did to it, but I guarantee, it looks phenomenal! Here's what we did. Or I should say Veronca did. 

With ombre being on its way out, we decided to do something that we have been seeing a lot of lately. Its called "root shading" or as Kim Vo puts it, its called "sombre" similar to a soft ombre. My roots were at least 2, 2 1/2 inches long, so we decided to put a few blonde foils on top, and then apply a goldwell tone on the roots and then put a few low lights through out my hair. The color we used was a level 8 in a gold tone, Veronica then took that same color she applied at my roots and used it to add some low lights. By doing this, I get depth at my roots that adds beautiful dimension. We add the blonde pieces in it to break up the root color, so its an easier transition into the platinum locks I have been growing out. Sounds confusing right? Its really not confusing at all, I swear. Then V added the root tone in a few foils,by doing this it tones down the platinum by softening it. 

You see...if we were to do an all over color roots to ends, my platinum blonde locks wouldn't be able to hold the tone. Its best to add a few different tones in your hair while trying to go darker while letting the old color grow out. Especially since my hair is so white, it really wouldn't hold too much tone anyway. But, I love doing it gradually anyway as I can have a little fun with it as it grows. Sassy right!! I love it, and I'm glad I finally got it down!! 
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