Ask Jenny about coloring for dull and flat hair.

Today's my "Ask Jenny" post! Whoop, whoop!! I'm really enjoying answering every one's hair concerns. I thought maybe it would be a drag at first, but I'm really enjoying helping out women, one head of hair at a time. ;) Today's question is from a lovely viewer named Holly from Huntsville, Alabama. This is what Holly wrote in:

"Jenny I need your help!! My natural hair is dull and flat. Should I color it a shade or two darker or try like a clear toner... I tried a clear gloss before and it did nothing! I am currently natural haven't colored in like 18 months and am between a 7 and an 8. I bought a 6A because my hair tends to pull red so I need the ash. I bought the John Frieda foam color. Any thoughts?"-Holly 

Holly, thanks for your question! First of all I'd say judging from the picture you sent me you are right about the level of your hair color. I say go for a semi permanent color aka color gloss. That will richen up your hair, yet as it fades you won't have a heavy grow out line known as a line of demarcation. It will help with the dullness but it won't do so much for the flatness. You'll need to do a permanent hair color for fullness. Permanent hair colors have a higher volume of peroxide in it which will rough up your cuticle giving your hair added lift. If you feel like a permanent hair color isn't for you, maybe stick with your color gloss and stick with a product like a hair root lifter when you style your hair for added volume.

Also, I'd say since its fall, go for the darker shade like a level 6. Feeling extra adventurous? Then go for a level 5 for tons of bold richness. Now, keep in mind when choosing your tone, there are tons of color lines out in the market, so a 6A might be a level six with ash in one line, but not another line. Be careful there. I personally am a fond of warm tones in winter, so I'd personally would recommend sticking with a natural level six and let your natural undertones peek thru. After all, that what your hair naturally wants to pull for a reason. I'm sure it compliments your skin tones beautifully.

Oh, and before I get...about the John Frieda color mousse, I have never used it, so I can't speak for that. And if you use it, I'd love to hear how it works out!! Thanks again Holly for your question. 

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