Exciting News!!!

The cat is out of the bag!! We are expecting!! With this exciting news, I do want to add that with me being preggo and having extreme morning sickness for the last 5 weeks, that's why I have had some pretty sporadic posting going on, and I want to apologize. I am usually very consistent, but there were a few days, well....... I just didn't want to bother. I'm sure everyone can totally understand. Now, that we are at our second trimester mark, nausea has subsided a little, and I can get back on track. 

I do have some exciting things coming up, the ever so talented Melanie with My Billie Designs.com is revamping my sites look, and I can't wait to see what she has in store. I also, have a few tutorials I did before I cut my hair that I will be releasing starting tomorrow and the rest, in the next few weeks. I also want to add that tomorrow when I release my tutorial, I would love for everyone to repin it. It  will be the first "professionally" tutorial of my own that I had someone do the graphics on and I'm sooo excited to release it!

 Now, with my exciting news, don't you worry, I'll still be hair blogging away. I'm even going to incorporate a few quick style ideas for mamas and go over coloring your hair while pregnant in the next couple days. So stay posted. I hope everyone is having a great day, and be sure to check out Sarah Johnson Photography who did my adorable announcement pics. Happy Wednesday!! xo

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