Side Knot Updo

My picture of the week is going to be my Side Knot Updo tutorial. Fun right!!? With fancy family functions, and holiday party's right around the corner, this updo will make your friends and family turn heads. I love this look because it looks like you spent a fortune on a professional stylist for your event, yet its so simple, you can do it home with the help of my easy step by steps.

Now, I do want to say, this is my first tutorial that I haven't  colloborated with another site, so I'm very excited about it, but need your help to repin it. If you are loving this look, please, please repin it!! 

When it comes to updos, I always recommend with starting with dirty hair. For those of you that hate not washing your hair, start out with some texture in your hair by adding some mousse or spray gel for tons of texture. Now, lets get to the fun part.

Start with wavy textured hair by curling your hair with a large curling iron. This will allow the hair to be have more texture which make it easier to hold in your updo. It will also create a little more volume for the fine haired ladies.
  • Take the section in front of the ear to the front of your face and twist going towards the desired side you will be creating your updo and repeat on the other side. Creating a side half up/half down look.
  • Secure your twists off center on the side you would like your side updo to sit by using bobbi pins.
  • Take the remainder hair, divide into two sections and create a knot. Continue working your knots down to the ends of your hair until you no longer have any more hair, and secure with an elastic. 
  • Take the end of your knotted pony and loop up into your secured twists creating a bun or whatever shape you would like and secure with bobbi pins.
  • Finish this look off with some firm hold hair spray. 
Simple and adorable right!!? Accessorize this style and make it yours by adding some fun hair bling or a adorable decorative headband.

Will you try this look? I'd love to hear from you.