Pic of the Week!

Alright, so today is my picture of the week post. Now these awesome photos were taken on Sunday by the amazingly talented Evan Romine. He is not only extremely funny and talented, he is quick with getting pictures back to me. Sometimes it takes photographers FOREVER to get photos to me, which is hard because I get soooo super excited to every one's hard work put together. Aren't these photos great? The model we used was Kacy Anne Hill, it was my first time working with her and I couldn't have been happier to meet her. 

The shoot was at Evan's house in Scottsdale, and we went out on location for a couple looks. This look was shoot in his awesome makeshift studio in his house. Evan showed me a picture of what he was going for, and when he showed me a funky pomp, I knew exactly what I was going to do. This was not my first rodeo with editorial Pompadour's. I'm kinda known for this ultra funky, yet editorial look. 

Wanting to achieve this look? I know its a little too editorial for a lot of you. Maybe you have a fun photo shoot yourself coming up, or you  want a fun style for Halloween. Let me break it down for you.

Start off with dirty or textured hair. If you don't have dirty hair, throw some Mousse or Spray gel in your hair for some texture so you able to get major volume.

  • Section your hair off from hair's recession line on one side to the other side at the recession line. (Recession line is where your hair line natural deeps in a little, close to your temples.) Clip top of your hair away.
  • Working with the hair underneath the top section, comb and mist spray shine going to the back of your head to create a smooth, sleek look on your sides.
  • After you comb both of your sides to the back, start twisting your hair, like you would in a french twist technique. Bobbi pin your twist into place. 
  • I didn't tuck any of the loose hair from twist into the twist. I used that for the pompadour.
  • Drop top section, and back comb the hair aggressively depending on how high you want you pomp. 
  • Comb top section out a little bit, and shape the hair into you pompadour shape. 
  • Finish off by pulling hair a little forward, and hairspray with a firm hair spray. 

And there you have it. A super fun Pomp. Do you have a picture you want me to do a step by step on? If so, feel free to email me. xo Happy Thursday!!