Ask Jenny.....Hair Falling Out

Hello Tuesday!! Today, is my "Ask Jenny" post. Today's question is from a sweet lady named Kimberely with a 5 month year old son. This is a good topic for all you mamma's out there.
Hi Jenny!
I've heard that after having a baby your hormones can change and cause your hair to fall out more then usual. My little guy is 5 months old now and I swear I'm going to be bald soon. About 2 months ago my hair started coming out in huge clumps when I shower. Is there anything more then just taking my prenatal vitamins that can help? I'm also breastfeeding so it has to be momma's milk friendly.
Thanks, Kimberly

Thank you so much for your question Kimberly. Although every women's body and experience is different,this question hits close to home. I also had a few issues with my hair falling out after my pregnancy and some women (very lucky women) don't encounter it at all. A women goes through so many changes while being pregnant. With the extra estrogen you were producing during pregnancy, you probably had some thick, lustrous hair. This is due to the estrogen causing your hair to go through a growing phase, leaving it to feel extremely thick. Basically it kicks your hair into overdrive, and not to mention all those awesome prenantals you've been putting in your body for months. After you baby was born, estrogen levels dropped dramatically, causing your hair to go through a resting phase which leaves your hair not feeling as full and thick. Hair will also fall out, leaving the hair to appear drastically thinner.

So, now that you know the reasons behind this dramatic hair change, lets talk about what you can do and unfortunately, there are only a couple things you can do to help your hair while going through this. One healthy option you can do is take vitamin B complex. One of the important functions of vitamin b is to aid with health of hair. Take it daily to help your locks get back on the right track. Of course, speak with your doctor before doing so, but you shouldn't have any problems with B-complex while nursing and I'm saying this from personal experience. I nursed and am still nursing my little one. Believe me, I know the ends and outs on what you can and can't have, I'm a seasoned veteran at this point. hehe Also check out my foods for you hair post I did a month ago.

Another thing that may be helpful during this hairtramic time, is use a product to help thicken your hair like a mousse, spray gel, or root lifter with help make your hair appear to be fuller. Also, try to lay off the pony tails. It will only pull on your already delicate hair, causing it to break or pull out. I know this is totally dorky, I tell my clients all the time, is I wear a scrunchy to bed and at the gym. My hair is delicate from having my daughter on top of being bleached out. 

Kimberly, again, I thank you for your question, and I really hope it helps you a little bit. Don't stress out about it too much and know that you hair will be back to normal sooner or later. xo

Do you have a hair question you are dying to know? If so, email me or comment below. I'd love to to answer your hair question's.