Dying to know a style?

Are you yearning to know a certain style, but can't quite figured it out? Or have you been feeling creative with your hair and dying to share with someone? If so, send your pics or ideas my way. I've decided that I'm going to do a "pic of the week" I want to help you ladies (or men) of course that have been dying to know how to achieve a certain style or if any of you beautiful gals want to share their fun hair, I'd love to see it.

 Feel free to comment below or send me a pic at jennystrebe@hotmail.com. Today to help jump start the pic of the week, I'm going to chose one of my favorite hair envy celeb. The Olsen twins. I can't resist, I just love them. I love their messy, yet classy style and their exetemly, tousled hippy beach waves. 

The key to this hair style is all about the texture. If your hair is silky, it will be near impossible to achieve this messy/grungy look. So you need to add lots of grit with the products I talk about below.

Start with dry hair. Clean or dirty
  • Take a 1-1 1/2 inch curling iron and take 2-3inch sections and wrap your hair around the barrel. Hold for a few seconds, and release. Key is to take larger sections and not to be perfect. That will give you the uneven texture.
  • Loosen tendrils with your fingers or flip your head up side down and shake.
  • This step is key. Use a dry shampoo or a spray wax to add texture, volume and grit. I suggest using your spray at the same time that you are blow drying. This will allow your hair to separate evenly.
  • Then finish off with a lite hair spray. You can even massage you scalp to add some texture at the roots. 
Whats a style you are dying to know?