Sneak peak time...

Yesterday, I got an amazing opportunity to get involved with a huge photo shoot. I must say...this wasn't my typical photo shoot that I normal do, but it was just as fun, if not funner. Basically it was two photo shoots wrapped into one.  

The first shoot was the most adorable photo shoot that I ever have had the pleasure in working on. The theme was carnival, and it was a Halloween shoot with adorable little girl models. The amazing Aeni Domme @ did makeup and the designer was Julie Read with jujus tutus. The designer makes these fascinating tutu dresses, and the ones she created for today's shoot were for Halloween. My eyeballs barely could handle all the cuteness! Every time I do a photo shoot, I feel like its always rush, rush...wait. Today, was exactly like that, which I'm not complaining. But, I didn't have a chance to take some quality photos like I would have loved to. But when the photos are done, I'll do a post on them. But for now, here's a sneak peak.

Above is a picture of some of the delicious props.

Above is the "ringmaster" tutu outfit. To die for!

Above is the Lion, and Elephant tutu costume. Holy moly, can you handle all this cuteness?

Now, the second part of the photo shoot was a wedding shoot. The gowns were gorgeous and fun, with a little bit of a vintage feel.  

This photo is the fun vintage waves I got to do. This was the mock "bride" Isn't she gorgeous? You can't every go wrong with this look. So classy.

This photo is of our mock "bridesmaid" I did larger finger waves with a low bun. She was so cute it was hard to make her look bad.

I just had to share my work that I got to do today. I can't wait to see the photos. When I get them, I will definitely share along with every ones contact info that got involved in the shoot. Can't wait!! 

And, if you have a adorable little girl, you may want to check out JuJu's tutu's out.  ClICK HERE for her site.