Summer Break for your hair

Well, the end of summer is near. But for Arizonians and states that are still sizzling, its hard to keep your hair in good condition while the sun is constantly scorching it. People in general, especially Americans are overworked. We tend to do everything at full speed without taking a break. I want you to think of your hair in the same way. Yes, I know...sounds totally dorky! Ha! But, think about it? We all need breaks and sometimes so does your hair.

I challenge everyone to give your hair a break from your hot tools this month. Lets take advantage of these last summer weeks, where you can get away with air drying and pulling your hair back into stylish summer buns, braids, ponytails, or clips. Fall is coming fast and if you are wanting to change up your look, you might as well take advantage of getting to be lazy with your hair and allowing your locks a little summer vaca. 

Wanting to still look stylish, while your hairs checked out on vaca? Check out some of my past tutorials that will help give your hair a rest, while still looking fabulous. Below are some of my favorites that would work beautiful.

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Click here for full hair tutorial

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Will you try any of these looks or have you already? I'd love,love to see some pics. xo