Secret Sunday...foods for your hair.

Wow, I couldn't believe the coconut oil post went so well. I'm glad that I inspired a lot of people to try it at home. I'm also happy so many women are excited to try "natural" at home remedies.  For today's secret Sunday, I wanted to go off of my last post and talk about foods you put in your body, that help nourish you and your hair. That's where the integrity of your hair begins after all.

Now,  I think its pretty self explanatory, if you have a healthy wholesome diet, your hair will naturally be healthy, but lets discuss what foods do what. 

  • Scalp health: Omega - 3 acids are needed to support your health of your scalp.  Omega-3's are found  in fish, walnuts or flax seeds. (for vegetarians) My daughter and I eat a smoothie a day with a tbsp of flax seeds everyday. And, have you seen her long luscious hair?
  • Shiny/Thick hair: Go nuts for nuts. Nuts have tons of selenium in them, which is an important mineral for your hair.
  • Brittle hair:  Protein ladies!! It's so important to take in good sources of protein. Eat lots of eggs, poultry and beans (for the vegetarians like me.) All these foods contain lots of vitamin B-12  and biotin.  Which are both hair essential nutrients for weakened hair. If you lack protein, how can your hair be strong. No product out in the market can help with that.
  • Hair growth: Biotin (found in eggs) and diary products with calcium promote hair growth. You want to try to stick to the lowfat dairy products like cottage cheese & yogurt.
  • Moisture: Your hair is made up of 1/4 water, so drink it up. Hair needs a bit of watering, just like a plant. Take care of it and watch it grow.

I'm vegetarian so I didn't have any fish or poultry to add to my pile of goodies, but flax seeds and beans is all I need. 

So, even though this shouldn't be a secret to anyone, the moral of today's post is to eat a well, healthy, balanced diet to provide lots of yummy nutrition for your hair. What you put in your body has to come out right? Why not give your hair a head start and give it the best chance possible to be healthy. Happy Sunday! xo