Something different.

So yesterday I had my lovely roots touched up by the amazing Veronica Peebles at Salon Stylush. This time we decided to do something a little different and I'm not talking about the color. I usually just get a plain ol bleach retouch, but this time we added a product to it before bleaching it. We used the Elixir Ulitme by Keratase. Elixir is a serum that comes in a oily substance that smooths, conditions and prevents frizz. This product can be used as a treatment before you shampoo or before you next highlight or color.

What it does, is actually traps your hairs naturally conditioning agents (oils)  in your hair, which help nourish your ends and keep it from getting dry and damaged. I can't believe how good my hair feels right now. It's unbelievably soft and silky. I hate saying this but usually my hair after a good bleach feels a little dry, so this will be a must do, each and every time a little bleach job. Any one who has this product, must try this. Doesn't have to be before your color, try it before your next shampoo.

Here's a pic of my soft flowing hair, and my new roots.  

If you don't have this product, don't feel left out. Do you have a product that is similar to the Elixir? Maybe give it a try. It won't hurt anything. You might as well give it a shot.  Happy Saturday!! xo