Secret Sunday

Hey there! If you are just joining me, I want to fill you in on what my "Secret Sunday's" are all about. Every Sunday, I will inform you on helpful information about hair. It may be something new to you or something you need a quick brush up coarse on. I'm purely just sharing my passion and knowledge of hair with you to enjoy.

If you had a chance to watch fall fashion week, you probably noticed all the beautiful sleek hair. I absolutely love sleek hair,but I tend to have a hard time pulling it off. It usually takes me a little bit more work then my trademark waves.Yup, us hairdressers have to put a little work into pulling off some looks, more then others. I'm a hairdresser, not a miracle worker. wink....wink. My hair is fine and limp, which is why I usually wear my tresses in fun, soft, voluminous waves. If I want to achieve chic sleek hair, it actually takes me longer to style. But I just adore straight hair!!! So, today's secret Sunday post is all about how to achieve silky, sleek hair. This will work beautifully for all types of hair. You just have to put a little work into it.  Plus, I've been talking about wavy hair for long enough. Today is for all you women with short or medium hair who want to achieve maximum sleekness. purrrrrr.........

You always want to start with a leave-in conditioner of some sort. I prefer Keratase products (big surprise). A leave in that I prefer and that works well will all textures, is Ciment Thermique by Keratase. If your hair is medium to thick, you might want to add a bit of a smoothing serum to keep the ends nice and smooth.

Next, section your hair off, working from bottom up and use a paddle brush or a flat brush and work it underneath your hair. Its very important to keep your blow dryer aimed downward with the nozzle pointing towards the direction you want your hair to lay. For all you fine haired women like me, try applying a root booster in your hair and blow dry it the opposite way its going to lay for lift at the roots, before paddle brushing.

Feeling like your hair isn't smooth enough, well, apply a heat protectant in your hair and flat iron your hair mid-shaft to your ends. If you hair has a few fly aways, you can add a touch of your smoothing serum in it to smooth it down. Before you know it you'll have sexy, sleek hair.  

Below are some fun examples of the Fall 2012 Sleek looks, right off the runway. I'm totally digging the low smooth pony. Hot!!