Funky Fresh Red

I have the best clients in the world. This client I did the other day has been following me for years. The first time I did her hair, was the day after I found out a friend of mine had passed away. It was someone very dear to me, that I actually had gotten a matching tatoo with. I was a freaking wreck, and unfortunately couldn't take the day off. I was still able to rock her hair, and she never held my puffy eyes against me. Her name is Sarah, and I've gotten the amazing opportunity to watch her grow up. She is a cute, petite, strawberry blond haired girl. We usually go back and forth through out the years with growing it to around mid-length and then cutting it back off. You know us women. ;) Today, we decided to go short  and add a funky fresh vibrant red.

Have you ever used Goldwell!? Its a freaking god send when it comes to reds. They are bold, beautiful. I used the 6RV on her. It's red with a violet tone to it.

The process time for Goldwell is 40 minutes. Notice how intense the red already looks.

Before and after.

Woowza! Looking at it again, I forget how powerful that red is. Isn't unreal? Have you ever gone red?