Miley's new hair

Breaking news.......I already did a post today, but considering the extreme change Miley just did to her hair, I have to talk about it. I love it! This style says grown up!! When I look at her now, I don't think of Hannah Montana anymore. Its super cute, sexy, flirty, progressive and fresh!  I'm loving the platinum blonde as well. Its very similar to Rhianna's when she had that extreme undercut.

It makes me miss my wild and crazy "butch" haircuts I used to sport once upon a time. I'm going to have to pull some pictures from my good ol archives. 

This look is perfect for anyone who has short hair and wants to add a funky flair to it. It has tons of movement and she will have lots of style options.  You can pomp it up, or wear it all to one side to be asymmetrical. LOVE!!

Would you try this hair do???