I got a call from my best friend today, she said she was super bummed about her hair color that she just had just gotten done. She lives hours away or I would just do it myself. I told her next time for the amount of money she spent, she needs to get her butt down her for a fun girls weekend and I could do her hair while she was in town. But, since she can't just hop on a plane, she needs to get a fixed before it puts her into a hair depression. (We all have had those days) Has this happened to you? Unfortunately, I think its happened to just about everyone. I want to talk to you about what you should do if you are in this hairy situation.

First of all, speak up. Look..... us hairstylists can't please everyone. I hate saying that, but its true. I feel very confident at what I do, but I'm sure a time or two I've done something to someones hair that they weren't fulling digging on. Point being, and this is coming from a professional hairdresser is, speak up. I'd rather someone tell me that they were dissatisfied with a service than hold it against me. I'm 100% sure your hairdresser feels the same way. If anything, if you tell your hairdresser what you don't like, it will help them understand more what you do like. 

Second of all, get it fixed. I would feel horrible if a client hated their hair and were too scared in telling me. I'd rather them letting me know and fix it. You as clients are your stylists walking advertisement, so it goes back to the old saying, if you don't look good, then we don't look good. Book an appointment to get it fixed. If for some reason your stylist charges you extra to fix it, then it's time to get a new one.

Third, don't break up with them just yet. Give them another chance. If anything, they have learned more about your hair,style and personality. I guarantee that they will try extra hard to make you happy on your next visit.

This is exactly what I told my best friend as well, she booked an appointment for next week to get it fixed. And, if her stylist doesn't get it right this time, she needs to find a new one or come see her bestie. ;)

Has this ever happened to you? I'd love to hear your experience and how it panned out.