Secret Sunday

Hey there! If you are just joining me, I want to fill you in on what my "Secret Sunday's" are all about. Every Sunday, I will inform you on helpful information about hair. It may be something new to you or something you need a quick brush up coarse on. I'm purely just sharing my passion and knowledge of hair with you to enjoy.

Are you one of those people that wash their hair everyday to make their hair clean, and it still seems oily? We've all been there right? Did you know that if your hair is oily the worst thing you could do is wash it? Seems so bizarre...but it's true.The more you wash your  hair the body has to work over time to produce sebum. (The oil that your hair and skin produces.)

Over washing your hair not only dries out your hair but it dries out your scalp and strips your hairs natural oils. Since our bodies are amazing things, if you wash away those important oils, your body goes in overtime trying to  produce more. I recommend not  washing your hair more then 4-5 times a week. 

If you are one of those people that seem to produce outrageous amounts of oil (like myself) then try not to wash your hair on days that you have nothing to do or pull it back in a cute bun. I know it sounds weird, but the less you wash it, the more likely your hair will not produce as much of your hairs oils. Give it a couple 
weeks, I swear and let me know your results.

I do want to add however, that if you are the ages of 20-35 we normally produce more oil due to our lovely hormones. I will say that Keratse has a wonderful shampoo and conditioner that is made for us oily haired women with raging hormones. It's called their Cristal-liste line. Its pretty amazing.

How often do you wash your hair??