Pic of the week.

Pic of the week!! 

Hello ladies,  I'm super excited about this post and the ones to come. I've decided to do a pic of the week. Each Thursday I'm going to post a picture of an awesome viewer who has created one of my styles, a hairstyle that one of my viewers are dying to know, or  a hairstyle that's pretty rocking that you are wanting to share.

This weeks picture came from Natalia Bossini in Salt Lake City. She is attending a fashion show in September and is dying to know how to create the style below. This is a sexy, side swept, messy, low bun with tons of texture.

Before I break this down for you, I want to say that this style, is one of those up-do's that may look complicated, but its relatively simple. The worst thing you can do while trying to achieve this style, is over think it. Ladies, we over think everything!!! I'm not just thinking about hair either. Before you attempt this style your self, I want you to pull out the creative you, instead of the perfectionist and you'll be just fine. I promise!

First prep your hair with a light mousse or spray gel to add lots of texture. Blow dry with a large round brush.
  • Use a large 1 3/4 inch curling iron, and create large soft curls.
  • Section the hair in front of the ear away.
  • Add a loose low ponytail at the nape of your neck.
  • Take 1/2-1inch sections and wrap the hair around your finger, creating barrel curls and then secure with a bobbi pin. Repeat until you are out of hair to wrap and pin.
  • Take the front sections, lightly back comb and loosely pull into your low bun. Secure with bobbi pins.
  • Now if you have a soft fringe like the photo shown, then the last step would be, soft pull it back. You may want to blow dry it down and then to the side to get the dramatic swept look. 
  • Finish this look with a medium firm hold hairspray. 
Will you attempt this sexy style?