Wilderness hair...

Something about being in the wilderness inspires me to go natural with my hair or create a bohemian style. Over the past weekend my family and I went to Pinetop, AZ to escape the heat. Pinetop, is a very special place for me and my husband. It's where we both said "I love you" for the first time and its where we exchanged our wedding vows.

On Sept sixth this year, it will be our Fourth wedding anniversary. Where has the time gone!? We exchanged our vows in an environmental study area in Pinetop, AZ and the day couldn't be anymore perfect. I always imagined a "Princess Bride" (the movie) style of wedding. Where I'd have long wavy blonde locks like the princess and have a full on bohemian style wedding. I did just that. Here's some pic's of my modernized Boho "Princess Bride" wedding. 

My hair was parted in the middle with long wavy tendrils. My bridesmaids wore tousled unkept looking up dos. Some were off to the side, some were center up dos. It was defiantly a day to remember and the hair in my opinion was absolutely perfect for my theme.

While I was in Pinetop over the weekend my husband and I decided to bring our daughter to our ceremony spot and have a nice romantic picnic. It turned out to be just that. Since I was visiting my special place, I decided to do a bohemian "milkmaid" plait to my hair. It turned out perfect. I did a fishtail braid instead of a regular three strand. Below is some pictures.

I had such a wonderful time in Pinetop with my beautiful family and I decided I  wanted to show off some wedding pics as well as my "milkmaid" plait. I hope you enjoyed the pics and I just recorded a "milkmaid" hair tutorial so I can share with everyone how to achieve this adorable easy look. Until next time!! xo