Makeup Monday...

Over the weekend I went on a Holiday to Pinetop, AZ. Pinetop is a beautiful place that is dear to my heart. Its where me and my husband tied the knot. Which I'm going to touch on tomorrow, so I can show off my wicked "Milkmaid" braid. ;) When I woke up Saturday morning and after taking my morning shower, I started looking for my beloved Mascara and it was no where to be found. I then remembered that my daughter had been playing with it the morning I packed my bags.  Darn it!!

My mascara is that one makeup item I can't live without. If I was allowed one item on a deserted Island, my mascara would be it. I use a cheap Maybelline for my lushes lashes. Its cheap and gives my lashes tons of length and fullness. I use their XXL Pro volume and it never fails. 

You use this mascara in two steps. First step you apply a white mascara that adds length and fullness to the lash. Then the second step, you add the black over the top of the white. Then you have amazingly long eyelashes.

What's your favorite "I can't live without" piece of makeup?  I hope everyone has a great day!xo