Secret Sunday....Lets talk about volume

Va Va Volume......Lets talk about it. I don't know about you. but it seems like I always want what I can't have. I seem to always want the most unusual things that are near impossible to obtain. Yup, that's me. Why do we do that as women? 

So with that, I want to talk about volume in your hair. I have fine textured, thin hair and rarely get volume in it. So naturally being a women, I want volume!! ;) Days I don't want volume is ok when I'm going for a low volume look, but other than that I need major lift at my roots. I want to go over a few little tips on how to achieve massive volume that will last all day. 

  • First things first...start off with a good haircut. You always want to have some kind of layers in your hair when trying to achieve fullness. If the hair is heavy & lifeless, shorten up your layers a tad to give your hair some movement.

  • Start with good product. Try using a root lifter or thickening serum to plump up your hair. I've been using spray & mousse "Volumactive" by Keratase to plump up my hair. Its life changing. Then after you blow dry, try applying some "Sugar Dust" by TiGi (It's like backcombing in a bottle)

  • Blow drying...After applying your product, you want to blow dry your hair up side down, or the opposite way the hair is going to lay. By doing this you are setting your hair & achieving fullness at the root area.

  • Change your part for temporary volume. Your hair can get used to the same parting so change it up for instant results.

  • Color your hair. Yup, that's right. I said color your hair. Your hair almost needs to be "chemically textured" to be able to get fullness in your hair. If you hair is silky its less likely to get volume but having your hair textured by chemicals, it roughs up your cuticle creating major fullness.

  • Last but not least..the obvious is backcomb aka tease your hair. Adding a little lift by teasing never hurt anyone. You will get long results by backcombing at the roots. Take small sections and comb your hair down towards your roots. Pretty easy breezy.  

What to avoid: Heavy conditioners, heavy elixirs, long layers, greasy hair and damp hair.

OK, so some of these tips are pretty self explanatory and common sense. But I swear if you try these little tips your will have Va Va Volume in no time.  Let me know how it works out for you. Make today great! 

Jenny Strebe1 Comment