High Volume Summer Pony

Hey everyone! Ever wondered how to achieve lots of volume in your simple pony? If so....you have to check out this easy tutorial I did for latest-hairstyles.com!!

1. Start with straight hair and begin the style by creating a large triangle section of hair from your crown to the recession of your hairline. 

 2. Tease this triangle section. If your hair is super soft, add a little hairspray to the section for texture and hold. 

 3. Pull the teased triangle section of hair back towards your crown. Twist the hair, push it up a bit and secure with a bobby pin. Pushing up your section before securing it will give you added height.

 4. Comb remaining hair back to the desired height of your ponytail. Pull tightly to keep the hair smooth. 

 5. Secure the ponytail with a rubber band. 

 6. Take a small section of hair out of your ponytail, wrap it around the rubber band and secure the ends of your section with a bobby pin underneath the band to conceal it and create a more polished look. 

 7. If you want a more textured feel to your pony, carefully take small sections of hair and gently tug some forward and some back.