Wanting to hear from YOU.

Hey everyone!! I've been blogging for a few months now and I'm going strong. I originally started it to motivate my clients and myself to try new things to our hair, and I think I've achieved just that. I'm feeling very inspired these days, as well as have been getting some really good feedback. I never knew how much I was going to enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others.

 I also, think it's very important to inform my viewers that I am not endorsed by any products or am getting paid to do my blog. I'm purely sharing my love and passion for hair and hope that I can inspire some of you amazing women out there.

Since my blog is going so well, I feel like I need to hear from you and get some feedback.  What kind of posts would everyone like to see? YouTube tutorials, tips on hair, styles...etc. I ask this because I want to make sure I cover hair information for each and every viewer.  I'd really appreciate the feedback. 

Also, please feel free to share my blog with any of your friends and family. I hope everyone is enjoying it so far, and hopefully learning a thing or two about hair or just getting a little refresher.  :) I hope everyone is have a magnificent week.  Until next time!! xo