Channel 3TV

Can I just say I LOVE MY JOB!! Its so fun and it's basically like play all day. I get to meet the raddest people and always am networking. Today, I got the amazing opportunity to do hair for Channel 3TV.  The amazingly talented wardrobe stylist Jennifer O'bannon asked me to get involved last week. How could I pass it up. The team was awesome! Makeup was by Aeni Domme, hair by me, Jennifer did the styling and one of the models designed the clothes. It will be airing on channel 3 today at 10am. 

The clothes were ultra funky and on trend. The stylist and designer wanted something a little boho with the hair, since the designer had made adorable little hair bands with little flowers on them. You know I didn't mind. Here are a few pics. Fun right?

Here I french  braided each side and connected it in the back. Due to her short hair I decided to roll up the back into her braid and curled the top for movement and texture. 

I did a simple top knot on this model. She had mid-length hair so in order to create fullness, I teased her hair and pulled into bun and pinned into place.

This model I curled using a 1 1/4 curling iron and used the wrapping technique. You can refer to my YouTube tutorial "Young Hollywood Curls" click here . I then created a fishtail braid and banded all the loose hair and fishtail braid together.

Here's a look of all three beautiful models. Isn't the clothes adorable? Below are a few of Dominique Lumpkins designs that I just had to share. xo

I needed these on the fourth. hehe

Ombre shorts

Adorable tops. 

Dominique says her collection is described as "New Age Vintage" Its vintage with a current trendy feel. Its super sweet, fun, classy and extra flirty. If you want to get a hold of her designs, she currently is selling locally or off of etsy. Here's her link: