Triangle face aka Pear face

First of all, I want to say Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful daddy's in the world! Today, Im skipping secret Sunday, to talk about the last face shape I need to cover. The Triangle face. Enjoy & I hope everyone is having a great day!! xo

Triangle (aka Pear shape) is widest at its base or jawline, tapering up to slightly narrower cheeks, and reaching its apex at a narrow forehead. Its jaw is wider than the forehead and characterizes the pear shaped face..

If you have a triangle face you want to avoid any styles that will make your jawline look wider as in jaw length bobs or layers that hit around the jawbone area.

Hairstyles that work well are.... off center parts, face framing layers that taper at the jaw line,wispy side fringe that will disguise your shorter forehead and styles that have volume at the temples so it makes the smaller forehead appear to be wider.

To be honest with you, I couldn't think of very many pear faced celebrities. I think its the most uncommon face shape. If you can think of any...please let me know.  xo

Notice Kathy's strong jawbone and smaller forehead. This is a perfect example of a triangular face. 

Kathy's hair here is styled to the side and it softens her forehead drawing attention away from it. Here her forehead doesn't look as small.

This side part works well with Eva's face shape because with her side swept fringe, it takes focus off from her shorter forhead.