Heart shape face

Today I will be covering the heart shape face. The heart shape face has a small prominent chin and narrow jawline, but is wider at the forehead. It is usually soft rather than angular. You want a style to give you an illusion that your forehead is narrower and not draw attention to it.

In my opinion I think the heart shape face can get away with a lot of different looks. The styles you want to avoid are shapes that draw attention to the wider part of the face which is the forehead in this case. For example, blunt fringes are too harsh for the heart shape, bobs that hit the jawline will bring attention to the angular chin, slicked back hair will draw attention to the forehead and styles with "too" much volume will emphaize the larger forehead as well so try to avoid it.

Hairstyles that work well with the heart shape is soft side swept fringes so it softly covers the larger forehead. Wavy layers and soft layered bob will work well because it will cut into the face, making the appearance of you face shape look oval and narrower. 

Jennifers look is always flawless, but I do think she plays it safe a lot. 

Notice the difference between the two styles? The photo on the left is emphazing her forhead where the photo on the right with the soft wavy layers are cutting into her face giving her the appearance of a narrower face.

Reece has a large forehead, so this style is nice because it softers her forehead. I also like it because the layers help draw attention away from her prominent chin.

You tell me what look is better for Selena's face shape?