The Rectangle face

Today's face shape I'm going to touch on is the rectangle face shape. The rectangle face is long and narrow; the cheeks are often hollowed under prominent cheekbones. 

Hairstyles to try for the oblong face is medium lengths that add body. Medium lengths such as chin or shoulder lengths will work well as long as the layers aren't cut very short. See, short layers will actually give the hair height which will make the hair to appear longer. 

If you are wanting to have a longer length style, mid-length layers that lay around the cheeks, work well as it gives the oblong face an appearance of being more "oval"  Wavy textures work well with long or mid-length because it will actually soften the lines of oblong face shapes, and again will give fullness around the cheeks which will make the face look "oval" 

See how Angelinas hair has fullness around her cheek bones and not too much on top.

Liv, is a perfect rectangle face. Again, see how she is wearing a low volume hairstyle but she has more fullness around the cheek bones.

 Jenny Garth here has no volume at the top of her head but its fuller in the sides. I love this look on her by the way!