The Round face

Today I'm discussing the round face. The round face is widest at the cheek bone area, and is usually not much longer than it is wide, having a softly rounded jawline, short chin, and a rounded hairline over a rather full forehead.

Hairstyles for the round face are styles that will make the face look narrower and with less width on the sides of the face. I've always preferred long lengths, face framing layers, long angled bobs or pixie cuts with height for the person who has the rounder face. Length makes the face appear longer, therefore making it appear to be less round. Also, with a bit of low volume face framing layers near the cheekbone, it actually helps the round face look more oval by the layers cutting into the jawline.

Hairstyles to avoid are bobs that sit around the jaw line, which will just create volume to the sides of the face making it appear to be wider. You also want to avoid too many layers. A little height is OK, but you don't want to add height and width to the face, because again, it will make the hair appear to be much wider and fuller.

My face is round and I know back in my hair experimenting days, my face looked so round compared to how it is now. I'm going to try to find a photo, but when my hair was short it did nothing for me, except for it was easy to do in the morning. My hair these days is mid-length with medium length layers in it. I style it soft and wavy with not too much volume. Once you know you face shape and these little tricks it will all become so much easier to try to achieve the oval face. ;)

Ginnifers hair works here because she has lots of choppy layers on top, which add height and actually elongates her face.

Halle Berry's face is oval but her hairstyle shown works for round face shapes because like Ginnifer she has the height in the right places. Have the height on top makes her face appear to be longer.

I love Kirsten, I do. But, in my opinion the hair shape on the left is all wrong for her. Where her bob lays at the jawline, it actually makes it look wider. But notice how the bob on the right  elongates her face. Amazing right?