Makeup Monday

With me being in the beauty industry there are only a few places I'm caught out in public with out any makeup and that would be Bikram yoga and the gym. I literally could care less what I look like. But, since I'm in the beauty industry I always try to look my best otherwise. It makes me feel good about myself, and I kind of have a reputation to keep so I'm always wanting to look descent. One of my "I can't go out of the house without wearing it" products would be eyeliner. I feel like it helps dress up my face with out going overboard. The eyeliner that I fancy is the Penultimate eye liner by MAC.

Penultimate eyeliner is a liquid liner. It reminds me of a ball point pen and is just as easy to use as long as you have a steady hand. Just open the liner and use one gentle stroke on your lids and voila!! There is no sharpening involved or anything. If it gets a little low, I just push the tip down and it fills back up. (except for when it runs out of course.) You can also do a heavy line or a lite line depending on your look you are trying to achieve.  I swear ladies, you will love this stuff!! xo

Picture above is with out any liner. (With out any makeup really) haha
Picture below is with liner. Notice how it makes my eyes "pop" more. 

Love this stuff! Right!?  Hope everyone is having a rad day!! xo

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