Secret Sunday...blow dry tips.

Blow dry tips!! Woot, Woot!! Who hasn't had issues with blow drying your hair. It can be pretty tricky. Your brush can get caught & tangled. Your ends could end up on the frizzy can be rough, I know. Inside the salon I always try to educate my clients as much as possible on how they can achieve a salon blow out at home, and I know its a lot to remember. That's why I decided I will touch on just a few simple basic blow dry tips.

Work your round, paddle brush....etc in sections for best results. I always recommend taking sections no bigger than your round brush. You don't want a knotted mess right?

If you are trying to achieve volume in your hair you always want to get it 80-90% dry by a blow dryer before even considering getting a round brush through it. If you you use a round brush when your hair is extremely wet the round brush will actually stretch your hair and make it limp. So if you get it almost 80-90% dry you will be adding fullness by not stretching the follicle. Also, you always want to blow dry your hair the opposite way its going to lay so that it creates tons of volume by letting the hair "set." 

Frizzy hair
If you have frizzy hair and you don't want much volume then you want to blow dry your hair when its 30-40% dry. You want to do this because if you blow dry your hair all over the place, it will actually create more frizz because you are roughing up the hair follicle. 

Cool setting
Cool setting is there for a reason, always blast your hair at the end for some major shine.

So there you have it. A few basic blow drying tips. I hope some of the basics will help you out tomorrow morning when you are trying to achieve that salon blowout. Also, you can refer to blow dry tutorial for more blow drying tips.   xo

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