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OK, so this makeup Monday I decided to quickly interview my close friend and talented makeup artist Traci Barret. Traci and I met several years ago when we worked together at Toni & Guy. When I first met Traci, there was no question that this super adorable, eccentric, outgoing girl and I were going to be friends. When you meet Traci you are immediately drawn to her. Ever since Ive known Traci she has been interested in fashion, hair, makeup and art. So naturally it didn't surprise me when she decided to go to School for makeup in LA.  She has been there for six years now and is rising to the top. She has done hair & makeup on tons of celebrities including Lo (from the hills), Snookie, Justin Bieber, Hillary Swank, Barbara Streisand and Olivia Wilde.

Q. Where did you grow up
I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved to LA at 21 to find inspiration.

Q. What got you into doing makeup.
I always have loved makeup, in every capacity. As a little girl, I asked my mom to paint my entire body black so that I could be Steve Urkel for Halloween. In 7th grade I discovered blue mascara. I wore blue eyeshadow, liner and mascara everyday. (Over kill?) In high school I got a job at a salon and have been doing makeup professionally ever since. 

Q What inspires you the most about makeup and hair?
I love the form of expression. Physical image is how you present your soul to the world, at a glance. You can always tell how I'm feeling but what I'm wearing, how my makeup is done etc. 

Q Where do makeup trends come from?
I like to think that trends stem from lifestyle, not just the runway. Someones hair and makeup says a lot about them. More than most probably think. 

Q What make up do you see in LA street fashion right now?
LA is so diverse it would be impossible to say there is one specific trend going on. But, for me its colorful lips!

Q It seems like so many women have an issue with finding foundation that matches exactly. What would you recommend women do to find the perfect shade for their skin?

Go to a reputable counter and get color matched. This may take a couple of tries. You will most likely have a winter shade and a summer shade. 

Q. Who has been your favorite celebrity that you've worked on?
Snooki, duh! I love her. We have the best time and she's always open to trying new things. She loves expression through fashion. 

 Q. What are some of the makeup spring/summer trends?
Coral. Peach. Coral. Peach. Yum.

Q What kind of makeup do you usually use?
I use everything. This is always evolving. The cosmetics industry has me so locked in its not even funny. Every time something new comes out I have to try it. Right now my current obsession is Tom Ford and Inglot. 

Q What are some of your must haves in your makeup kit?
Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. Too Faced Primed & Poreless face primer. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Kevyn Aucoin concealer. Smashbox Halo powder. Makeup Forever HD transulcent powder. Dior Show mascara. Bobby Brown gel liner. Inglot shadow pallet. Ardell brow powder and lashes. Rosebud salve. 

Q Is there anything women can do for the hot summer months to keep their makeup on and looking fresh?
First of all, Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Swap out your full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturizer paired with concealer. This will wear better in heat and not clog your pores as much. Finish with a translucent powder. Touch up with a hydrating spray like Eau Thermale Avene's Thermal Spring water. Evian and other companies make refreshing water sprays as well. But, Avene's is also a treatment for your skin. 

Q. How do you find the perfect shade for you skin tone?
Go to a reputable counter and get color matched. This may take a couple of tries. You will most likely have a winter shade and a summer shade. 

So there you have it. Head to the makeup counter, get your foundation properly matched. Invest in some good sunscreen for the hot summer months, and go out there and pick up some coral & peach lipstick. I will say my favorite coral is Coasta Chic by MAC. And if you want to check out Traci's amazing portfolio click here. Happy shopping. xo

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