Hair Accessories Galore!

Hair Accessories galore! For the next few weeks I'm going to touch on hair accessories. You can really dress your hair up or dress it down by simply changing hair accessories. The other day I went to H&M at Scottsdale Fashion Square to go shopping and I went over to the fashion accessories and stopped dead in my tracks. It was like the sweet angels were singing. HALLELUJAH!!  I had no idea that H&M had so many different types of hair bling to chose from. I totally had a hairgasm. Now, I'll be honest, I'm pretty minimal when it comes to hair accessories. But don't get me wrong, I like the occasional hair band, scarf or clip to decorate my locks.  

I took a pic with my phone to show you guys all my findings. They had clips, flowers, bands, decorative pony holders, jewels, fancy combs......and much much more. Plus, its all super cheap! After leaving H&M I decided to go to Forever 21 and check out what they had for hair accessories, and I was pleasantly surprised as well. So with that...stay tuned for some looks I will be going over the next couple weeks with hair bling! Have a great day!! xo
Jenny StrebeComment