Product review time!!

 So periodically I'm going to do some product reviews of my own. I will be reviewing products we are  going to carry as well as products that I have and samples that "product reps" give me. So today I decide to try some Keratase. Keratase is known for being a high end luxury line and many people have heard of them from their amazing shampoos & conditioners, but did you know that they have tons of styling products as well. Inside our Salon Stylush we have been experimenting with this amazing line. Today I brought home the Keratase Volumactive as well as the Kereatase Lotion Densitive to try out. Both products are for fine textured hair, which I am the perfect candidate for. 

Lotion Densitive is a spray texturisant which is for adding texture and thickens the hair. When I first sprayed this in my hair I fell in love. This stuff smells amazing!  I can't place the scent, but its not tutti fruity or overly intense, its a gentle, soft & romantic scent. This product is a spray bottle which you  want to apply by spraying all over roots to ends. After application you want to blow dry it in. I didn't use a round brush or anything because I wanted to see the full potential of this product. Get this, Lotion Densitive actually has collagen in it to help add fullness and plump up your hair. For me, or anyone with fine hair, its like a dream in a bottle. Can you believe it? My hair was full and unbelievable soft after using it. And guess what? My hair still smelled absolutely amazing.

Volumactive is a voluming spray leave in treatment which has a anti static affect. Like the Lotion Densitve, it smells incredible.  You want to apply after your hair has been shampooed an towel dried working it in roots to ends then quickly blow dry in. Can I just say that I have never used a thickening product that leaves your hair feeling this amazingly soft. It seemed to smooth down my ends as well which is awesome, because with me having peroxide ends my hair tends to be on the flyaway side. LOVE!!

Here's a pic of me with both these products on my hair. I applied in by spraying and then I blow dryed it with my fingers. I wanted to get the full effect from these products,so I decided against using a round brush. I know its hard to tell from this picture how much volume I got, but take my word for it. It worked magically.  Just the texture of my hair alone was completely different. It was full and felt super soft. I highly recommend these products for anyone that wants fuller tresses. xo
Jenny StrebeComment