My mini me..

So, for those of you who don't know, I'm a proud mama to the most beautiful little girl named Magnolia Skye. She was born the day after Valentines day a year ago, and will be 15months old next week. Magnolia was born with tons of hair and from the get go I've been having lots of fun with her hair. But, when she turned 11months or so, she discovered all the clips, ties, bows and pony tails and decided that she didnt want them there and started yanking them out. 

 I can't tell you how many people have said to me that she is the perfect hairdressers daughter because she has the beautiful long dark blonde with sun kissed strawberry and blonde streaks. So since she has been going through her "not wanting her hair done" phase I needed to figure out why she doesn't like her hair done. Last week I went to H&M and believe it or not they have a kids section. I went over to the accessories section and picked out a bunch of random hair accessories hoping that something would do the trick. I came across these simple soft cotton pony tail holders, and for 2 bucks how can I not pass it up.

So the other day I tried them out and it was the first time in a long time that she didn't pull them out. I got to thinking, that maybe the goody plastic rubber bands were too much for her fine textured hair. Plus, since she was pulling the plastic ones out they would tug on her beautiful hair and come out along with the rubber band. Now, I've been playing around with the cotton holders hair every week. I'm going to slowly work her into it of course.  hehe

Below is a photo of me and her at the same age. Amazing right? Will pig tails ever go out of style for toddlers? Probably not. So with that, Id say if you have a toddler or infant that has enough hair to get into soft cotton holder, Id say go for that oppose to the plastic ones that can actually pull the hair.  

Until next time loves. Make today great! xo

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