Day 30 Hair Challenge

Looks like I made it!! Sweet! Do you know what today is?? It's day 30 in my hair challenge. Yes, sweet success at last! So, for the last look in my hair challenge I decided to do a fun Adele-inspired bouffant. When was I ever going to get to do one of these again? So fun! I hope you like it. 

Start with dry hair. I have a little Keratese mouse in my hair for texture.

Section hair in front of the ear and clip.

Heavily tease hair that is behind clip section.

Twist hair in the back and start a french twist. 

Secure with bobbi pins.

Hair that is left out, tuck into french twist.

Here I'm tucking hair into french twist.

Comb and smooth and fly aways.

I prefer my hair messy, but if you would like a smoother bouffant you could always smooth top section with a comb.

Place a headband of your choice in front of teased bouffant.

Take side sections, pull back and secure with a hair pin.

There you have it! An Adele-inspired bouffant. I hope you like it!

Thanks so much for checking out my hair blog!

And that, my friends, concludes my 30 day hair challenge. But, please stay tuned in for a lot of exciting information, more tutorials and news I will have about hair!! Make today great! xo