Day 25 Hair Challenge

Thanks so much for checking out my hair blog! Today is day 25 of my hair challenge and I'm not going to lie, it's close the end and I'm thinking...thank goodness! I've had a lot of fun with it, but on days I don't do much, I hate wasting a good updo or fun style.  So with is day 25 and I did a knotted updo.

First things first.....I love this look but not exactly on me. Why you ask? My hair is super fine and sometimes with sleek updos I don't get much body out of them. I personally feel like this updo would have looked better with someone with coarser hair. The knots would have looked fuller on someone with thicker hair or even curly hair. Don't get me wrong...I like it...but I'm just being honest.  Wink, wink. 

Products used were "Dirty secret" dry shampoo by Bedhead & my pin comb for teasing.

Start with dry hair.

Section hair in half.

Secure in back with bobbi pins.

Split hair in half.

Keep working knots into your hair until you have no hair left.

Secure with a rubber band.

Tuck loose end of pony into knot so it's not showing and secure with a bobbi pin.

There you have it! A very naughty, I mean knotty, updo. I really hope you like it!! xo

This is my hair when I came home from work. I love how much softer it looks. Have a wonderful day! xo

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