5 days left of hair challenge. Woot Woot!!

Can you believe I've made it 25 days now? If you are just joining me, I'll clue you in: 25 days ago I took on a hair challenge where I dedicated 30 days to change my hairstyle and blog about it with step-by-step directions. 

I'm now at day 25 and I feel like I'm getting close to the finish line in a marathon. It's been a lot of fun, but I'll be the first one to admit that I'm glad it's getting close to the end. Don't worry — I've decided to continue to share with the world my hairstyling ideas and capabilities. I've got a ton of neat ideas for the future of my blog, but I want to get my hands in some other people's hair and leave mine alone for a bit.  

Be sure you come back to see the last few days of the challenge and see what's next, because if you've liked the easy tutorials I've shared, you are going to love what's coming! If you are wondering how to check out the beginning days of the challenge Click here to see some of the first tutorial's that you may have missed. I really hope everyone is liking it.  

Until tomorrow. xo

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