Day 26 Hair Challenge / by Jenny Strebe

Thank you so much for checking out my hair blog!! Today I'm on day 26 in my hair challenge. Wow, getting super close to the end, and I have to admit I'm getting excited. Not because I don't want to style my hair for you all anymore, but I really want to get my hands into some other peoples hair. :) 

Today, I decided to go for a soft asymmetric updo that is knotted underneath. This look is great for all types of hair.

Start with curled hair. To achieve these curls refer to Day one hairstyle

I used "Masterpiece" hairspray and the Enzo Milano curl stick.

Pull your hair to desired side and split in half.

Create a tight knot.

Continue working knots down to the ends of your hair.

Secure a rubber band at the end.

Fold hair underneath and secure with bobbi pins.

There you have it. A soft & sexy asymmetric knotted updo. I hope you like it!!

Thanks for checking out my hair blog. Come back tomorrow to check out day 27 look. Make today amazing!! xo